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When we are talking about gambling with cryptocurrencies, Stake is the first brand that comes to mind. After its boom in popularity in 2020, the site is trusted by more than 600,000 verified users from all over the world. Curious to learn more about the Stake verification process? Stay on this article and find out.

The brand has 4 different stages of KYC that you should know about. In this guide, we will show you all 4 of them, as well as point out all the shady terms and useful information to keep in mind. Dig in.

Is Stake KYC Obligatory?

Let’s get things straight. You won’t need any verification to register and play on the site. In certain instances, there have even been players who could deposit and withdraw without anything extra. However, KYC at Stake is obligatory for most gamblers. Why is that?

First of all, regulations. Different regions have different laws, and in order to abide by these countries, users will have to submit their documents even for deposits to occur. If you don’t face any of these requirements, you should also expect KYC for large withdrawals, suspicious activity or even at random.

The reasons behind this are, normally, anti-money laundering checks and player safety. If you want to move forward and verify your account, follow these steps and be on the safe side.

Hidden Details of the Stake Verification

A quick read over the site’s Terms of Services is enough to understand the brand’s focus on transparency. Nonetheless, we scrutinized the fine print and answered some common questions you might have about Stake verification right below.

Are deposits possible without verification?

For most users, deposits are only available after completion of Level 1 and Level 2 verification. However, you could use the ‘Buy Crypto’ feature, which leads to purchasing (and depositing) crypto via a third-party payment gateway. Although this loophole exists, it is very likely the gateway could also ask for KYC and Stake to freeze the payment until everything is complete.

Can I fail KYC? 

Yes. In such a scenario, the account will go into withdrawal-only mode and won’t allow any further top-ups. This happens only when false documents or information are found. If you find yourself in such a situation, contact customer support immediately, and you can claim the account back by providing the correct documents.

Can Stake hold my withdrawals?

According to Stake’s policy, the site is allowed to freeze or refuse any transactions for a series of reasons. These include suspicious activity, failure to verify one’s identity, money laundering or age compliance. So, make sure you keep gambling normal and all information is valid, for a stress-free experience.


Should I Complete Stake’s Verification Process?

We get it, KYC is not a very pleasant process because you have to go through extra hoops just to be able to play or cash out your own money. However, we’d rate the Stake verification as normal since it doesn’t go all the way invasive like other brands (unless you reach level 4). Therefore, it should be completed.

With Stake’s exceptional casino products and proprietary games, it is a go-to casino for every gambler and one you’d want to spend a long time in. So, getting the verification process out of the way is a wise choice for all avid bettors and takes only a couple of minutes while registering. Click one of the buttons on this page and set up today.


Stake currently has four levels of verification. Each requires a little more than the previous in terms of the documentation and information you must provide.

Yes. Stake has 4 levels of KYC. Level 1 and 2 are mandatory for deposits and withdrawals and they comprise of typical information like name, DOB and Proof of Adress. For more information, read our in-depth guide on Stake KYC.

Everything from ID cards, passports and driving licenses to bills, bank statements, residential details, and sources of income. The documents will increase for each level of verification required.

No. If Stake asks for verification, you must provide all documents to keep using your account. Since this process isn’t time-consuming, we recommend completing it right away.