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Stake has been the hottest gambling site of the last few years. Although it was launched in 2017, it was only after 2020 that the brand managed to grow a cult following and gain over 6 million registered used to this day. As a Stake player you can get access to thousands of trending games from leading providers and bet on the most prestigious leagues round the world.

Keep reading, and you will learn how to signup at Stake in a step-by-step guide, along with the login process. Moreover, we will highlight some common problems you could encounter and how to tackle them.


How To Sign Up For Stake

There are 5 different ways you can start an account, which are split into the ‘standard’ email and social media. We will break them down in actionable steps right below, so follow along.

Standard Registration

Although the basic registration form goes beyond an email and a password by asking for a DOB, it shouldn’t bother you as you can change all information after the process is done. Here’s how to sign up for Stake:

  • Start by entering a valid email address in the ‘Email’ field.
  • Type a cheeky username.
  • Continue with a strong password containing at least 1 number 1 capital and lowercase letters(mandatory safety standard).
  • In the ‘Date of Birth’ box, fill in your true information.
  • Tick the ‘Code’ box and enter ‘CRYPTOTV’ to claim your exclusive Welcome Offer.
  • Finally, hit ‘Continue’, which will take you to the terms and conditions page.Read through the fine print, tick the box, hit ‘Play Now’ and voila.

Social Media Sign Up

Additionally, Stake allows you to register with Google, Facebook, Twitch and Line. The benefit of these alternatives is that you don’t have to pass the initial phase of entering your personal information, like DOB. This makes registration more anonymous.

Just tap the icon of your preferred application in the signup form, continue with the pop-up window to confirm the action, and your account will be ready in no time.

Grab the Signup Bonus

Contrary to most online casinos, has a unique signup Bonus that consists of a 10% Rakeback for your losses. Although it might not sound grandiose, this offer suits all types of players as it has no restrictions. If this sounds compelling, check our Stake Bonus article, where we dissect every piece of the terms and conditions.

To get it, type ‘CRYPTOTV’ in the ‘Code’ field while signing up. For third-party app registrations, you will need to enter the code after creating the account in ‘Settings’ -> ‘Offers’ and ‘Welcome Offer’.


How To Login at

You won’t have to do anything special to log in at Just enter your email or username and password, and that’s it. If you used one of the alternative methods, tap on the respective button below and sign in immediately.

What if the alternative methods don’t work?

If you can’t log in with one of the alternative options from the first time, don’t panic. Try opening a new tab to access that medium you used and see if everything’s working properly. Next, refresh your Stake tab and try again. In case that doesn’t work, send a line to customer support, who will assist you.

I forgot my password - Now What?

Now just go to the login page and click ‘Forgot Password’. Type in the email address you created the account with, and a recovery mail will be sent right away. Click the link, type a new password on the site, and that’s it. You’re back in the game.

Final Expert Tips

Before we wrap up this section, it is important to note that Stake logs all the locations you sign in from. If you use a VPN with an existing account and enter the site from various countries, you could easily be up for an extra Proof of Address check or suspension. The safest option is to use your original country and avoid VPN.


Should You Sign up & Login on Stake? - Expert Opinion

Signing up on Stake doesn’t require a ton of information upfront and is completed in a couple of minutes. Being able to register through Google, Facebook, Twitch or Line is a nice addition for those who want to deploy their existing accounts.

The operator has paid great attention to their customer support, which means you can contact them at any time if any problem arises with your registration or login. Stake is highly acclaimed in the industry, and we couldn’t recommend it enough to all types of players.


The only possible way to register on Stake as an American citizen is through Nonetheless, we wouldn’t recommend it as it doesn’t have the same number of options compared to the main domain.

Unfortunately not. To join the site, you will need to fill in the registration form consisting of name, username, email, password and DOB. Otherwise, using a Google, Facebook, Twitch or Line account can do the trick.

Stake has a rigorous policy against VPNs. More specifically, anyone who attempts to sign up or log in from countries other than his own can face account termination. Only use your normal network.

No. Any user who has multiple accounts will be terminated from the site. If you want more action, check our site for the top crypto gambling sites available.