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BC.Game has established itself as a top alternative in the crypto gambling scene. Catering a quality sportsbook and a casino section including the industry’s hottest titles, it packs everything a player needs. This is evident in the 500,000+ verified users who trust the brand daily.

Although verification is not specifically mandatory, you could be asked to complete it at any time and it is always a good idea for securing your funds and claiming Bonuses. In this guide, you will learn how to complete the BC.Game KYC step-by-step and how to stay in the clear. Here’s what you must know.

Why BC.Game Might Require KYC

Verification is always a touchy subject for casinos and gamblers, but in reality, some players can be picked randomly. So, why could you get asked to undergo KYC while others won’t? Let’s explain.

Large withdrawals usually attract a casino’s attention first. If they suspect money laundering, any other dubious activity or even problem gambling, they may reach out to you. None of these means that you’re at risk of having your account closed, though or that you’ve done something wrong. It is simply a standard procedure that some members must go through to be in compliance with BC.Game’s KYC terms and conditions.


Which Are The 2 Types of BC.Game Verification

There are two types of verification at BC.Game. These are labelled as Basic and Advanced. If asked to complete them, head over to your profile’s image, hit the “Global Settings” button and select “Personal Verification”. Here’s what you will need in each stage:

Basic Verification

You can typically complete the Basic Verification without the assistance of BC.Game’s support team. It takes no more than just a few minutes, and the process is automated. It is designed to protect your account while helping you claim offers which are reserved for verified users. You’ll typically need to provide the following three things:

Personal Details

Nothing crazy or unusual with this step. What you need to submit is your full name, date & place of birth and address.

Facial Verification

If you’re asked to provide facial verification, a “live selfie” is enough to pass it. When you start the process and the platform asks you, pick up your phone and take a “live” picture.

Government ID

If you’re requested to provide ID, then a government-issued passport, driver’s license, national identity card, residence permit, or Visa is eligible. Take a picture of it or scan it and attach it as a picture.

Advanced Verification

In case there's a serious issue or something dodgy is going on, the operator will require you to undergo the Advanced verification. This will be done by BC.Game’s support team, can take up to ten days, and you’re going to need the following:

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To clear the Advanced level, ‘Basic Verification’ must be completed first. This step is mandatory as it is where all your documents will be collected for the agents to process.
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If asked to provide proof of address documentation, a utility or medical bill - any formal document which features your address should suffice. This is normally done so that the casinos can link the player's real identity with his funds and exploit money laundering tactics.
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In the most extreme cases, you may have to do a video verification call. In this call, you will speak to one of the casino’s agents directly and answer specific questions. If you are a normal bettor, you shouldn’t worry about this step, as it is almost impossible to occur.

Shady Terms of Verification

It always helps if you do your homework beforehand. We recommend reading the T&Cs, Privacy Policy, and AML sections to ensure that you know how things work behind the scenes and where the operator imposes verification checks. You can also drop a question to BC.Game’s customer support team or get informed from the help center. Let’s cover some common questions players have about KYC.

What May I Get Asked for in the Video Verification?

Obviously, the question you’ll be asked depends on BC.Game’s reasons for requesting the KYC step be completed. In some cases, the agent just wants to match your face with the ID you’ve submitted.

If they suspect you of problem gambling or fraud, they may be more specific with their questions. The agents will be touching on topics such as your bets, the games you play, and at what times you wager, or even ask for SOW. You must remember that this is a completely normal procedure.

What Happens If I Refuse a KYC Request?

Refusing KYC is a surefire way to get your account locked or suspended. So, we wouldn't recommend it. If this happens, all winnings will be forfeited and in some rare cases, the deposit may be returned(no guarantee). 

Is It Possible to Fail a KYC Check?

The short answer is yes. This is possible if you do not submit the requested documents or if any of them are expired. Also, unclear photos and turning your documents in outside the time-frame needed, could also hinder your KYC process.

However, that isn’t that big of a problem. Simply provide an updated document or ID along the lines of what is being asked for, and you’re good to go. A good rule of thumb is to ensure that your photos aren’t “fuzzy” or “blurry” and that documents are less than six months old.


Should I Complete the BC.Game Verification?

BC.Game has one of the most relaxed verification processes around. Therefore, it is recommended to complete it to secure your account. The process is transparent and they don't ask for a ton of documents like other sites do.

Regardless, if anonymity is important for you, then you don’t have to submit any details unless asked. Thousands of BC.Game members bet on the site and withdraw without verification. So, it's not a mandatory. If you play regularly but deposit and withdraw small sums, this is unlikely to be an issue for you unless you’re selected at random. Hit one of the buttons in this article and get started today. 

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Officially, yes. You are free to deposit, wager and withdraw at BC.Game without KYC unless you are asked to do so.

There are two verification levels. The Basic tier is worth completing, as it can give your access to more offers and provides increased security. The Advanced method only needs to be completed if requested.

The Advanced Verification procedure requires the Basic tier documents but may also involve a government-issued ID, proof of address/payment, and potentially, a video interview.

Sign into your BC.Game account and click on your profile. Hit the “Global Settings” and then “Personal Verification” options. You can submit documents there. If your account is locked, submitting KYC details via e-mail is advised. Contact customer support to do this.

According to the fine print, you can’t use VPN on BC.Game. However, if you do use a VPN, make sure that you always use the same one, set to the same region. You’ll also need documentation that matches your VPN location, which is obviously going to be tricky to obtain. So, we’d recommend playing without one.