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From humble beginnings in 2017 to online gambling stardom, 22bet has become one of the leading sportsbooks on the internet. Despite its low restrictions, KYC remains a question most players have. So, we will dive into the 22bet verification process below and lay out all the key findings you should be aware of.

Although the company keeps the needed documentation to a minimum, it is wise to know when KYC is needed and what you can do about it.

When Will 22bet Ask for Verification?

According to 22bet’s T&Cs, the brand reserves the right to ask you for verification at any time. However, you aren’t obligated to do so unless asked, just like many gamblers using the site without KYC.

This is because 22bet only questions its users when a good reason arises. So, for what reasons could you be requested of a KYC? In most cases, when you have a FIAT payment that involves extra data, when your account is suspected of money laundering or problem gambling, or if you try to arbitrage your bets and exploit promotions.
This doesn’t mean that you have done something wrong, though, It could also be a standard check. Let’s waste no time and see how you can get through the process.


Completing the 22bet KYC Process - All the Steps

The first part starts during registration, where you must verify your email address through a confirmation email. This is a rather standard step, though, so let’s see how you can do the 22bet KYC process:

22bet Verification Steps

After logging into your profile, head to the “My Account” section and click “Personal Profile.” From there, hit the “Edit All” button, and you can then enter all details into the respective fields.

The steps needed to complete the 22bet Verification are:

  • Personal Details: Nothing crazy here. Just type your first name, surname, date of birth, place of birth and current address. This should be straightforward stuff.
  • Documents: Regarding the documents, you will need to enter your National ID card or Passport number. Any government-official document that can prove your identity is enough for this step.
  • Security Question: Under “Account Info”, you can select one of eight available questions and enter the respective answer. This security step is ideal if you forget your passport and need to reset it or even validate your identity later.
  • Phone Number: Lastly, enter your phone number under the “Contact Details” section. Using the instructions on screen, verify the number and proceed.

It is important to notice that No documents are required during this stage. You only have to submit documents if 22bet reaches out for verification. This may happen for any of the reasons already discussed.

What If I Fail KYC?

If you skip some of the steps above, you could potentially fail the KYC. However, sometimes, merely having outdated documents (older than six months) or blurry photos is enough to see you fail the verification process. Don’t worry, though. You can always resubmit your documents and start over.

Can I Refuse Verification?

You can always refuse to go through the verification process, but it’s not something you really want. Avoiding KYC could see your funds frozen, account locked and all bets voided, until it’s done.


Is 22bet Verification the Right Move for Me?

The verification process of 22bet is essential for all gamblers who want a safe account and access to all promotions. Given it is one of the least demanding on the market, you can complete it right away and never have to worry about extra checks or stuck payments.

If you still want to stay more incognito, don’t worry, KYC is only requested in case the casino wants to check something or to get higher transaction limits. With a top of the line sportsbook and full casino lobby, this is a no-brainer. So, click one of the buttons on this page and head over to 22bet to start playing right away.


No. VPNs are not permitted at 22bet. Moreover, if you were to log in using a VPN from a different region, you wouldn’t be able to provide valid KYC documentation, ending up in an endless cycle of unsuccessful attempts. Only use your real connection.

If you are one of the unlucky few to be asked to provide facial verification, you can usually do this via a selfie or video. The worst-case scenario is a face-to-face meeting over a video call with an agent. This is extremely rare, though, so no need to worry.

Head to your account details and select “Account Settings”. From there, you can access all your personal detailsand enter all relevant documents & information.

Yes. There’s no prerequisite to complete the verification for any user to grab the 22bet Bonus. However, some promotions fo require KYC to be cleared for players to trigger them, so we’d recommend completing it to gain access to all offers and safeguard your account.