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22bet was launched in 2017 and has been a go-to choice for thousands of crypto bettors over the years, due to its quality sportsbook and always top odds. The site accepts over 32 cryptos and is licensed in Curacao. Over the years, it has established its presence in the scene with many key sponsorships and partnerships making it an attractive place for trusted organisations. However, you can still find complaints and disputes online, which questions its legitimacy. So, is 22bet legit? Let's find out. 

Having looked at many complaints, we’re inclined to say that most come from arbers and members who abuse the T&Cs found at the brand. We’ll show you exactly how to avoid such troubles yourself and discuss what makes 22bet reliable today.


Is 22bet a Scam? Consider This

The more members a casino has, the greater the number of players who might complain. Given that 22bet is home to hundreds of thousands of members, we’re not surprised to find some who are unhappy with the site. However, upon closer inspection, most of these tend to be linked to market/odds manipulation down to bugs on the platform, not the actual service provided by 22bet.

Verification can also be cited as a common occurrence in complaints. When attempting to withdraw large amounts, some members are requested to provide additional KYC, which they don’t seem to be happy about. However, as explained in our 22bet Verification article, such requests are normal and clearly defined in the T&Cs at the site. It is normal for any brand to request additional information for cashouts, and it doesn’t indicate a 22bet scam.

As touched on, this brand is licensed out of Curacao, but also Kahnawake. This aids its reputation as a trusted and reliable partner. Scam casinos and sportsbooks don’t tend to last very long, and they don’t attempt to tie down sponsorships and deals with industry conglomerates and established brands.

These lend further legitimacy to the site, and we’ll look at some of these partnerships next. We’ll also touch on why some players end up banned and how you can avoid that happening to you.


What To Know About Disputes & How to Avoid Them

Clearly, 22bet has made some significant strides and joined forces with some powerful sponsors and partners to become a major player in the gambling world. Why do we still see complaints, then? Let’s touch on that in the next section and cover how you can avoid some of these textbook mistakes when playing.

Arbing & Bonus Cheating

As our 22bet review showcases, there are hundreds of markets per event on great odds. However, mistakes happen. Sometimes, bettors may try to take advantage of incorrect odds or engage in arbing (arbitrage betting).

When the sportsbook corrects their mistake, players may complain. They may express their frustration on forums and by raging against the site, even though they themselves have clearly broken the T&Cs.

This is also true for bonus deals, as some slick players attempt to claim several offers across multiple accounts. This is the best way to get your account banned, so make sure to avoid such tactics and stick to your game.

Identification Troubles

Many complaints on 22bet relate to the verification process. Users who don’t provide accurate data or who have tried to deposit/withdraw using accounts that don’t match their registration details are often in the midst of it all.

T&Cs clearly state that payments may be halted if you can’t prove your identity. Therefore, stick to using your real identity information when registering to avoid this issue. 

Bonus Terms

Several comments also criticize 22bet about its wagering requirements and bonus rollover terms. As with any casino or sportsbook promo, you should always read the T&Cs (especially the rollover rates) before claiming a bonus.

Instead, some claim an offer (thereby accepting the T&Cs) and then showcase frustration with the wagering requirements later. If you don’t like the wagering requirements or simply want to avoid this issue, don’t claim bonuses and play with your own real money.


Complaints can be made by anyone, often without any proof of identity. Therefore, competing brands may deliberately spread negativity about 22bet in a bid to lure members to their own sites.

You should always read expert reviews to get a real idea of what a site offers. Don’t rely on comments published online, as they may not necessarily be genuine. Stick to our 22bet review if you want to know what it is honestly like playing at the sportsbook and casino.


Is 22bet Safe? - Expert’s View

To put it simply, 22bet is a safe betting site that suits new and avid gamblers alike. However, as a serious, reputable site, it also has a zero-tolerance policy for identity fraud, money laundering and bad behavior.

Mistakes might happen, just like with any site, but in general, you shouldn't have any trouble with 22bet if you stick to the terms and keep your game clean. The customer support is helpful and if there is indeed a mistake, your funds and account will be safe. We'd highly recommend checking 22bet.


No. There are many complaints concerning the site, but as detailed above, most are from disgruntled players who actually broke the site’s T&Cs, and few carry any real weight.

Of course. We’d recommend that you take your complaint directly to the customer support team and give the site a chance to remedy it and explain what’s happening. But you can go further if you wish.

Entering the wrong information will make you unable to change it (without contacting customer support), and you will likely fail any KYC or verification checks if you’re asked to complete them.

22bet can always refuse to pay winnings if you fail to clear the verification and KYC checks or if you breach its T&Cs. However, this is the same at any reputable online casino or sportsbook.